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Leverage YOU 2 Coach

Whether you are new in business or a seasoned professional, Leverage YOU 2 Coach will guide you through a 5-Phase training, to give you the clear roadmap to:

Discovering Your Special Sauce so that you clearly understand what aspects of your life, experience and expertise make you stand out.

Understanding the Power of a Mission Statement and being able to clearly articulate the messages around your business and what you do for people.

Helping you realize You Are The Expert in your field so that you can confidently stand out from the crowd and be an authority in your field and be seen as such by your potential clients or customers.

Giving you the tips to Name Your Price and helping you master the art of pitching yourself to gain the much-deserved and desired income for your knowledge and experience.

Preparing you to Attract Your Ideal Client with well-written and professional proposals so you can best represent yourself, your business and your brand and be the go-to expert in your field.

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8 Step Lesson Plan


Discovering Your Secret Sauce

After this training, you’ll have absolute clarity about the aspects of your life, experience and expertise that make you stand out from the crowd. You will be able to stand firm on knowing what you have to offer and how you’re truly helping people.


The Power of a Mission Statement

Through this training you’ll have the framework to develop a clear mission statement to bring clarity to your business, identify who you are, the problem you solve and help potential clients know you're the business, company or organization for them.


You are the Expert

Learn the clear signs that qualify you as an expert in your field and develop an action plan to implement tools to ensure you are viewed as an expert and an authority.


Identify Your Ideal Client

This training will help you zero in on the type of clients you are best suited and interested in working with and who most need your services. You'll also be able to identify their pain points so you can begin to help them conquer those challenges.


Structure Your Program

Develop the framework of your premier coaching offerings, layout the experience you will offer your clients and devise a plan to take them from beginning to end.


Price Your Program

After you have the foundations in place, it’s time to name your price. Through this training, you'll learn to put an adequate price on your time and experience and become comfortable asking for what you know you're worth.


Build A Platform

Do you get a headache from all the social media sites and posting? This module will guide you in selecting only what you need and then moving forward so you don’t waste time tinkering with posts every day.


All Things Coaching

In this lesson you will get all the processes and procedures in place to ensure your business is operating professionally and ready for peak performance from client intake to overall client experience.

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Our product is best in class and we stand behind its quality. This course includes:

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Downloadable templates

High impact worksheets

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Hi, I am Casey F. McGee

Communications Professional, Media Coach & Author

I founded Leverage YOU Academy to help successful entrepreneurs like you gain the knowledge, tools, insight and confidence to leverage you, your expertise and your life experiences to reach your NEXT Level of SUCCESS in business.

I'm here to give you a step by step process to be seen as an authority or expert in your field without working for hours, months or even years to build your coaching business, generate content and get your asking price.

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